In addition to the title of Editor-in-Chief/Chief Creative Officer at IDW, Chris Ryall's resume also includes a certain morphenomenal acting credit. Roughly 20 years ago, a young Ryall was an extra on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series, with a prominent cameo in episode 3, "Teamwork." Ryall's role wasn't necessarily glamorous at the time, but true fans will recognize getting a trash can dumped on his head by Bulk and Skull an honor akin to piloting the Mega Zord. Big ups to IDW Associate Manager, PR & Marketing John Schork for uncovering this bit of MMPR/IDW trivia. Even bigger ups to Ryall for being such a good sport about it on Twitter and admitting to having a crush on Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson back in the day. We salute you, Chris. You can check out a gif of Ryall in all his MMPR glory, after the cut.

[Via IDW]

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