Image Comics hosted its traditional "Image Comics Show" presentation at New York Comic Con to highlight several new and upcoming series and give a large panel of creators and opportunity to promote their new books. Among those in attendance were Blair Butler, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Joshua Williamson, Justin Jordan and Landry Walker.LAST OF THE GREATS

From writer Joshua Hale Fialkov, this series tells the story of the last survivor of a family of superheroes agreeing to save the world from an alien invasion in return for being given total rule over the Earth. Issue #1 is on sale now.


Writer Justin Jordan was on hand to discuss his new series about a bullied teen who sends away for a Charles Atlas-style strength training course that gives him superpowers, only to find his new abilities draw a lot o the wrong kind of attention. Jordan's hopeful that the six-issue miniseries will have a good enough reception that it'll allow him to tell further stories he's already planned.


Writer Joshua Williamson is aiming for a 20-issue run for his comedic take on an alcoholics anonymous-like program from alien abduction victims.


Writer Blair Butler and artist Kevin Mellon's new four-issue series about a fighter rising up the ranks of mixed martial arts competitions is nearing its premiere. Butler's simple pitch to readers: "If you enjoy people being punched in the face please give our book a try."


Kevin Mellon also talked about Lovestruck, a graphic novel he illustrated that's written by Dennis Hopeless. On sale now, the book is set in a world where Cupid is operating as a corporation, creating romances as part of a long-term moneymaking strategy.


Writer Landry Walker talked about his upcoming series with artist Eric Jones, which follows a group of teenage superhero sidekicks left behind after their mentors leave Earth to go fight an extraterrestrial menace. It's "Teen Titans meets Lord of the Flies." The book will be available in February.


Co-created by Jean-Paul Bonjour and Jeff Roenning, this is a new zombie comic with a peculiar twist of the plague being started by a bad batch of cosmetics that affects women only. A 17-year-old girl with a natural immunity has to make her way through the chaos to rescue her brother, who's stuck in a juvenile detention facility when the outbreak happens.


Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Frank Tieri team up with artist Amanda Conner to present this three-issue adult take on superheroics. The book follows an ordinary guy who lives in Brooklyn and takes care of his grandfather. Saddled with some pretty poor decisions from his past, he gains superpowers from a fortunate exposure to the Gowanus Canal. Palmiotti described the book as appealing to the same sensibilities that his and Conner's R-rated superhero hooker comedy The Pro did. As someone who lived a block from the Gowanus Canal for two years, I must sadly report that the experience never produced any superpowers, with the possible exception of developing an invulnerability to the smell of the Gowanus Canal.

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