Saturday's Image Comics Show at New York Comic Con provided fans with some updates on upcoming projects from the publisher, plus a couple of exclusive announcements about new books, including a new book from rising star Nick Spencer called "The Infinite Vacation," a five-issue miniseries from Spencer and artist Christian Ward scheduled to begin in January 2011. Check out the video trailer after the jump, along with announcements about "Hack/Slash" and "Who Is Jake Ellis?"

Spencer described the story as being "about a world in which moving into and out of alternate realities is commonplace, it's a day-to-day thing that you do, it's something you do for vacation, something you do for work... It's about a young guy who is very much addicted to the infinite vacation and the many opportunities that it provides hm, but something happens that makes him question this life."

On WHO IS JAKE ELLIS: Another big announcement was "Who is Jake Ellis?", another five-issue min-series due out in January 2011 written by Nathan Edmundson with art by Tonci Zonjic. The book will center on Jon Moore, a spy working in Europe who depends on a man named Jake Ellis. The big mystery of the book will be whether or not Jake is real, since he can only be seen by Jon. While images from the book are not yet available, we can tell you that the samples of Zonjic's art that were previewed during the panel looks all kinds of awesome.

On HACK/SLASH: Fans of "Hack/Slash" got an exciting update, as creator Tim Seeley promised the release of "Trailers Part Two: Thirteen Tales of Naked Fear," in November. According to Seeley, the book will be a 64-pager based on "thirteen trailers for 'Hack/Slash' stories that we were never going to do, mostly because they were stupid." Stupid or not, those trailers have been expanding into a series of eight-page stories from creators including Gail Simone, B. Clay Moore and Chris Burnham.

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