Despite last week's ironic roster that included Spawn, a variation of Harry Potter and President Barack Obama, Image Comics has spent this week focusing on the literal lineup set to star in August's "Guardians of the Globe" six-issue miniseries co-written by Kirkman and Cereno with art by Ransom Getty.

Beginning this week with the announcement that a newly-costumed Brit would continue to lead the team, the lineup expanded to include new characters Outrun, Kaboomerang and Yeti before today's final confirmation that current member Bulletproof would continue on the team.

The absence of many of the team's current roster - including Robot and Monster Girl - may be cause for concern among fans given the team's relatively high mortality rate. Events in "Invincible" will likely shed some light on the new team in the months to come.

You can take a look at the full lineup after the jump.

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