Impact Books coverPress Release

Impact Books, the how-to write and draw comics, graphic novels, manga and fantasy art imprint of F+W Publications, Inc., is giving unpublished and undiscovered artists a chance to have their artwork featured in an upcoming book!

Impact: Rising Stars of Fantastic Art will collect the best 145 submitted unpublished pieces of art for this brand-new book publishing in July 2008! Superstar fantasy artist John Howe (Lord of the Rings) will check out the winning entries, personally, and write the foreword for the book.

Any artist -- young, old, big or small -- is eligible to submit his/her best work with no entry fee! All we're asking is that the work be previously unpublished (website publication is okay) and not use licensed characters.

A panel of judges, comprised from the Impact editorial board will select the artwork that will be featured in the book. Two talented artists' work will be selected for the cover and back cover and will win $1000 and $500, respectively. Everyone published will win a copy of the book! Go to for complete details and a submission form!

Since its launch, Impact Books has become the leader in the how-to write and draw comics category with its strong combination of talented authors and step-by-step instructions. New for 2007 include Incredible Comics with Tom Nguyen, Hell Beasts by Jim Pavelec, Fantasy Art Workshop by John Howe, Manga Pro Superstar Workshop by Colleen Doran and the follow-up to Impact's most popular book, DragonArt, DragonArt Fantasy Characters by J "NeonDragon" Peffer.

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