As great as many blockbuster films look on screen these days, we live in a strange age where most official movie posters are essentially constantly-reconfigured collages with many devolving into outright Photoshop Disasters. In the tradition of Mondo's stable of artists delivering much more interesting contemporary and classic movie posters in America, India receives similar (if decidedly more street level) works from the artist known as Ramachandraiah. These posters aren't necessarily something you can buy online, however, as Asia Obscura notes that they're "drawn in hours, printed on cheap sheets of 30″ by 20″ paper, and slapped up on highway overpasses, building sites, and concrete walls across the city." Sure the posters aren't necessarily canonical (The Amazing Spider-Man movie didn't feature the Rhino even if the video game tie-in did), and the primary images are based principally on the original studio posters, but their colorful soda bottle label-meets-spiral notebook design is probably a colorful addition to some less-than-lively locales. Take a look at a few of our favorite Ramachandraiah posters after the jump.

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