The summer of Top Shelf continues with Infinite Kung Fu, a massive 464-page zombie martial arts epic by writer-artist Kagan McLeod. Employing the genre tropes of both kung fu, horror and Western films, Infinite Kung Fu pushes the concepts to the extreme by dropping its hero Lei Kung into a world besieged by zombies and under the threat of a brutal emperor and his five kung-fu armies. To save the planet, Lei Kung must master countless forms of combat -- and survive.

You can check out the first 15 pages of Infinite Kung Fu right here at ComicsAlliance.

Toronto-based commercial illustrator Kagan McLeod has created comics for publications including The National Post, New York Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek, Golf Digest, Feathertale Review, and contributed a JFK story for a graphic novel called Our Murdered Presidents. Obviously a huge fan of genre cinema, Infinite Kung Fu is his full-length graphic novel.

If you like the 20 pages you read below, Top Shelf's website is offering the first 250 pages of Infinite Kung Fu for free. You can't ask for a better preview than that.

Infinite Kung Fu can be pre-ordered now on Top Shelf's website or from Things From Another World.

To continue with the next 235 pages, head over to Top Shelf.

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