This week on Comixology, IDW is having a sale on their Mature Readers titles, and there's some pretty great stuff in there. You can grab all of Darwyn Cooke's Parker adaptations for three to five bucks each, and friends, if you've never read the story where a remorseless criminal turns an off-season amusement park into a gigantic series of deathtraps for the even more remorseless criminals who are trying to murder him, then I think you just found out what you're doing this weekend.

But mixed in there in the "More Great Stories" section is one of the single best deals you're going to find in any sale: Kagan McLeod's epic Infinite Kung Fu, one of the most entertaining original graphic novels of all time, for a thin five dollars.


Infinite Kung Fu, Kagan McLeod


For starters, this thing's an amazing deal based on sheer volume alone. Infinite Kung Fu does a pretty great job of living to its name by spreading its stories over 450 pages --- and the amazing thing is that it never drags. It barely even slows down, and even the "quiet" moments of the story are punctuated by people using mystical powers that allow them to detach limbs and fire their heads at their opponents, or by a poison that keeps its victims from using kung fu.

If you've read his current work on Kaptara with Chip Zdarsky, then you already know that McLeod has an incredible gift for combining the most bizarre ideas with beautifully rendered action, and seeing him do it on the massive scale that he has with this kind of project is worth checking out. And hey, if you're not already on the Kaptara train --- a train that is probably shaped like a giant pug with tank treads or something --- then here's your chance to get the world's most massive art sampler for a very low price.

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