We've been getting glimpses into the dystopian timeline that awaits players in NetherRealm's upcoming DC fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us, but until today, the key Aquaman fan demographic has gone largely ignored. But no more! IGN has unveiled a new trailer explaining the King of Atlantis' role in the grim world that's coming and giving fans a chance to see his fighting skills in battles with Captain Marvel Shazam and the Flash. While his seahorse Storm and octopus Topo don't seem to have made the cut, Aquaman can be seen riding some form of giant Octopodes and throwing sharks at people. Even without a beard or a harpoon/water hand, Aquaman doesn't seem to be sparing any grit.

The game's plot seems to revolve around Superman and Batman leading opposing factions of heroes and villains against one another in a war of... ideals? following some sort of Joker-caused global catastrophe. From the look of the trailer, it looks like Aquaman and his sharks are on Batman's side.

The game is scheduled for a April 16, 2013 release, with even more playable characters likely left to be revealed.

[Via IGN]

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