While many fans would give their cybernetic left arm for a more...action oriented...Inspector Gadget, Viper Comics is delivering the all-ages equivalent of the next best thing: a 2011 "Inspector Gadget" comic free of Disney, "Gadget Boy & Heather" or "Gadgetinis" interference.

Viper's new official promo art shows off Gadget inspecting like it's 1983, with none other than his niece Penny and her pooch companion Brain dodging M.A.D. missiles from the seeming ride of Dr. Claw.

It's a welcome sight for fans who have had to watch Gadget jump through numerous less-than-stellar reimaginings over the years, assuming at least that Jose Coba's illustration is a true indication of the comic content to come. Viper hasn't quite confirmed the book's creative team yet, only that they've secured the IS license. Still, this image provides more hope than most old school Gadget fans have had in a long time for material inspired by the inspector's original adventures.

See the full preview image after the jump.

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