As ripe as Inspector Gadget's animated incarnation seems for a comic book, as far as I can tell, there's never really been an official IG series - as an adaptation or otherwise. I was completely willing to accept that sad fact until today, when I scoped this phenomenal fan art featuring Gadget, niece Penny and hound Brain getting hardcore on crime.

Created by Deviant Art user Kizer180, this image pretty effectively captures what fans of the 1983-1986 series wanted to see, but never got treated to during the show's original 80+ episodes. The image is so action-packed, in fact, it helps soothe the trauma that was "Gadget Boy and Heather," along with Disney's two live-action films (French Stewart's finest hour was not Gadget's).

I'm not sure who still has the rights to Gadget these days, but if it's Disney, they really owe it to themselves to put out a slightly-updated IG comic in the vein of Boom!'s "Darkwing Duck." If Disney could go the Marvel route, the character would be in good company among the likes of Machine Man and other robots/cyborgs. After all, the good inspector's already proven that he can play nice with other franchises in his "The Super Mario Bros. Super Show" episode "Defective Gadgetry."

Whoever has the power needs to do the right thing and hit up Kizer180 about a proper Gadget series ASAP.

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