Do you love seeing classic cartoon characters doing new and interesting things? Well, an action-soaked shot of Inspector Gadget with guns first attracted our attention to the deviantART portfolio of a user named kizer180 (a.k.a. Coran Stone), and it turns out there's even more to be uncovered within his gallery, including a fresh approach to redesigning the Thundercats and a team portrait of the gang from Scooby-Doo.

His artwork delivers a sunny, stretched-out, slightly anime-ish look along the lines of creators like Josh Middleton and Adrian Alphona, and though the basic superhero pieces found in Stone's galleries are none too shabby, he really shines at mixing up characters, as you can see in his touching moment of mutual mushroom appreciation shared between Shaggy and Mario. It's a slightly more hopeful vision than the speculative look at what might happen if Ash Ketchum mistook Stitch for a Pokémon, but no less fun to look at.

Catch both of those and a few other CA favorites, including the likes of Wolverine, Charlie Xavier and Darkseid below.

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