Fans of David Petersen's all ages Archaia series Mouse Guard have come to count on the artist's skilled balance of luscious detail, cartoonish cuteness and sword-swinging action. Mice have a tough life out in he wild, but in his world, they've got the anthropomorphic means to build a more proactive society. As pointed out by igeektrooper, that magical tone is embodied pretty perfectly by UK DeviantArtist pspynett, whose CG animated Mouse Guard fan short (by Robin Bryony French, Katya Scott and Victoria Forbes) pits a furry warrior against a giant winged predator. Check out the awesomeness after the jump.Having dissected my share of owl pellets in jr. high, I can say with a high degree of certainty that on some level I prefer the outcome of the following short to what I had to look at (and smell) all those years ago in science class. As interesting as it would have been to find a tiny sword and scarf inside an owl's hacked-up former food, Petersen's take on rodents is noble enough to disregard nature's precious circle of life and enjoy rooting for the underdogmouse.

Check out the animated Mouse Guard fan short below, but don't blame us if the realization that MG hasn't become a major motion picture yet starts to hurt your mouse-loving heart.

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