East meets West in the pinup art of the Japan-based artist on deviantART who goes by the name of "Kit." Kit's Oracle and Power Girl poses pack the dynamism of an artist like J.H. Williams with the manga infusion and emotion of a Takeshi Miyazawa, with versions of Spider-Man and the Hulk that are right at home with vintage concert posters.Kit's clean figures and masterful coloring really light up the Gotham City night sky behind the likes of Batman and Batgirl alike. His gallery is also loaded with Marvel concepts, including Thor and a female Wolverine.

Many of these look good enough to pass for real covers with a little touch-up work and trade dress, so keep an eye on this fellow. Who knows? Maybe someone will pick him up to put some art on the rack at your local shop sometime in the near future. Until then, check out a few of our favorite Kit pieces below.

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