There's a weird sort of magic to rage comics. Using just a few dozen crudely drawn faces, even the most novice cartoonist can transform their ordinary anecdotes into sequential nuggets of funny. Now, some people who can actually draw have decided to get in on the rage comic fun, illustrating their own characters displaying the full range of rage face emotions.DeviantART user Chireiya threw down the gauntlet on the rage face challenge, which she dubbed the "Meme-Meme." Chireiya created a rage face chart, with blank spaces next each face, inviting artists to fill in the chart using their own characters. Then she tried the exercise herself, using her own snow leopard character, Deyvarah:

Oh god. That "Me Gusta" face gets me every time. Chireiya has mentioned that she doesn't want other folks using her character for their own rage comics, which I can understand, but I think some people just won't be able to resist that last face. It's too wonderful.

A handful of other DeviantART users have gotten in on the fun, trying it out with their own characters. It's a fun exercise, and I wonder when we'll start seeing rage face versions of more familiar comics characters. Of course, some characters would be simpler than others:

Via reddit

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