"Rage comics" are a memetic phenomenon by which crude digital drawings of different facial expressions and physical gestures are remixed infinitely by countless individuals to convey the elation, despair, love and hatred of the Internet hive mind. We usually talk about these comics in ironically grandiose terms (like when a rage comic face appeared in a man's testicular sonogram) but the truth is that many of them are genuinely hilarious reads (like the Rage Comics All Stars' "performance" of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"), and some are even quite touching.

Because rage comics typically express primal responses to utterly mundane but often "scene"-specific experiences, it would seem unlikely that an 86-year-old man would be the author of what many Reddit users are calling the greatest rage comic ever made. Published earlier this week on the man's birthday, the comic details in deeply personal terms the events of his life, beginning with his earlier memories from childhood and including his service in World War II, estrangement from his children and discovery of true love. This man's experiences in the United States' Armed Forces have particular impact upon this truly great and uncommonly uplifting story, and it seemed only right to republish it in honor of Veteran's Day.The 86-year-old Reddit user goes by the name of 1925gamer, referencing the year of his birth. As explained in the story, this man and his wife are plugged into Internet culture, especially online gaming, and that following the Reddit community helps he and his wife "feel connected to the world." It's just one of several statements that will make you feel the way you just did, reading that quote, and you won't be alone. The comic has over 3,000 comments on Reddit, virtually all of which express respect and gratitude for the man's inspirational story. Many comments come from people in their early 20s, who feel the comic has provided valuable insight as they prepare to begin their adult lives in earnest, while some older people report a sense of happiness and validation taking the place of disappointment or regret. It's a remarkable demonstration of the power of comics as a medium, and in a style invented by the Web as a community.

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