While we spend a lot of time discussing the always imminent doom of the American comic book industry, we tend to forget that the medium of comics -- sequential storytelling, words married with pictures -- continues to thrive in numerous contexts, not the least prevalent of which is the Internet. But the Internet is more than a means to transmit narrative comics. The Internet is an artificial life form into which we are all irretrievably plugged, creating a hive whose mind has chosen to express itself increasingly in the form of comics. I speak of course of the so-called "rage comics," the memetic phenomenon by which crude digital drawings of different facial expressions and physical gestures are remixed infinitely to convey the elation, despair, love and hatred of the depraved Internet organism.

Because rage comics are the most primal form of sequential art, somebody decided it made sense to assemble the disparate idioms into a rage comic supergroup. And what better song for such a band to perform than Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody?" You can read the rage epic below.

Created by Andy Graulund with additional artwork by Matt Miles, the "Bohemian Ragecomic" is the product of years of memetic comics activity on Reddit and other sites whose users intuitively compile, synthesize and express the Internet's collective loathing. The cast includes such cultural totems as Trollface, the "Y U NO" guy, and Forever Alone, among others.

Beyond the fierce madness that will result in its reading, "Bohemian Ragecomic" is notable for taking longer to complete than a traditional comic book periodical. This is due to the fact that you will find it impossible to advance at a speed greater than that of Queen's classic song, which you will hear in your mind. Enjoy.

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