No, we know what you're thinking. That image of Beaker and Animal as Cyclops and Wolverine from Grant Morrison's famous New X-Men run is not in fact a photo. It is in reality the work of The Rahzzah, an artist whose name sounds like it might belong to one of Jim Henson's characters. He's a digital master of finely tuned realism and owns the painting hand behind the comic Moon Girl-the second issue of which looks like it should be out soon by way of comiXology.
And by the way, don't stop flipping through The Rahzzah's deviantART gallery when you're done looking at his Muppets, because it's also filled with such wonders as a movie-pitch-ready Quail-Man painting (Doug Funnie, represent) and some slick takes on Harley Quinn and Spider Jerusalem. Want to see an X-Men/"Breakfast Club" mash-up? He's done that, too.

Spend your Saturday in detention with a few Rahzzah masterpieces after the jump, and check out his archives to see more.

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