It's tough to discern the gender of deviantART user Seoro.O based on profile info alone, but you can bet the holiday cards this artist sends out are the bomb. Seoro's currently serving in the military, according to the minimal amount of info there. You will find a more details, however, in the Transformers paintings that are shared in the account's gallery section.
The Decepticon sleigh and Michael Bay-style TF paintings show a lot of love for Hasbro's robots in disguise, and Seoro's more imaginative exercises like mecha versions of the Powerpuff Girls and Megatron ripping Jazz in half make this gallery worth your time.

So how long will it be until we see Bay directing a live-action Transfomers-ish blockbuster starring Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom? Too long, I'm afraid. But this art exists here and now, so enjoy what you can and see if there's anything you like below.

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