Consider this sentence your obligatory reminder of how unbelievably brilliant and hilarious Invader Zim was and that its cancellation by a cowardly Nickelodeon is among the greatest crimes upon art ever perpetrated by man. Of course, the show about the hopelessly inept alien invader and his ceaselessly malfunctioning robot sidekick lives on in our hearts and DVD players -- but also at InvaderCON, a special celebration of the tenth anniversary of Invader Zim. The show took place last weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, where members of the original Invader Zim voice cast reunited to perform readings of two scripts which never went into production. You can bet all your hideous organs that we've got all 40 minutes of that after the jump.Written by Invader Zim creator Jhonen Vasquez, "Day of Da Spookies" would have seen the long awaited return of the hapless Invader Skoodge. According to Wikipedia, this is the synoposis:

Invader Skoodge leaves the Irken invasion force and comes to Earth to live with Zim after he realizes that the Almighty Tallest hate him. Later, Zim, GIR, Minimoose, and now Skoodge go and dress up as ghosts to scare Dib into believing that ghosts exist, provoking him to contact Mysterious Mysteries so they can discredit him. Zim and the fake ghosts get captured for testing, but Dib gets captured for just being insane.

With "Mopiness of Doom," Danielle Koeing explored what would happen to Dib and Zim if they were no longer nemeses.

Dib gives up on the paranormal to study real science like his father. Without no arch nemesis, Zim does nohing but skips school and watching TV and lying on the couch all day. Meanwhile, Dib is avidly studying science, and, to his dad's surprise, his calculations and formulas are all correct. Later, Gir bursts in and demands Dib to get Zim off the couch because the couch is really his. Dib says no, but then messes up on a formula. Professor Membrane sees this as "a cry for help" and asks Dib what's wrong. Dib responds, "I'm fine, I just-" then gets interrupted by his dad and tells the truth. This is the truth:"You're RIGHT, Dad! I feel empty inside! This REAL SCIENCE bores me to death! Maybe I'm not really doing what I was meant to do! Because what I was meant to do was CATCH ME THAT ALIEN!!". He bursts in to Zim's house, who's basically just sleeping on the couch. They fight a lot. The two realize how much they need each other and promise to keep fighting till the end. In the end,Gir gets his couch back, which he's happy about.

Brilliant. Come back, Zim!

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