ComicsAlliance readers were impressed with Jim Lee's how-to video on sketching Batman on his iPad, so we thought you'd like to see more digital doodles created with Apple's magical mobile device. What we've got for you today are the first in an ongoing series of sketches created by Peter Krause, artist of the popular BOOM! Studios superhero book, Irredeemable.Known to longtime DC Comics fans for his sizable collection of work for the publisher in the 1990s -- most notably on The Power of Shazam! with Jerry Ordway -- Krause left comics for a time to focus on commercial art and conceptual illustration. We're lucky to have him back in the industry, working with Mark Waid on Irredeemable.

While Jim Lee likes to draw with his finger using the Sketchbook Pro application, Krause prefers Art Studio and a Faraday stylus. Judging from the comments, ComicsAlliance readers were concerned with Lee's choice of drawing footwear. We cannot verify what sort of shoes Krause likes to wear whilst iPadding, but we can tell you he does like to sit on a sofa. The artist shared some more details with us:

I'm still playing around with the app and the iPad. Sometimes there is more of a painting approach -- I would say a "watercolor on wet paper look" with Daredevil and Constantine. On other drawings I'm using flat colors-- very opaque--as if I was painting animation cells.


All drawings are done with a number of layers, ala Photoshop. I'll start out with a light blue sketch on the base layer, then add a black outline layer on top. Flat colors on an additional layer--which is sandwiched between the first two. I'll add highlights and shading on another layer, and add one more for a background color or gradient.
Irredeemable's Modeus
There are a number of drawing/painting apps available. I use Art Studio, with a stylus from
Doctor Strange
Drawing on the iPad is quite a bit different than the day job. IRREDEEMABLE is still done in a traditional manner with pencil, pen and brushes (although I am using Manga Studio for layouts, which I then print out and place on a light box).
Incognito's Zak Overkill
It won't be long before we have fans at cons asking for sketches on their iPads, instead of pieces of paper!

Superman and Wonder Woman

John Constantine

To keep up with Peter Krause and his sketchery (which also includes traditional pen-and-ink drawings), make sure to follow him on Twitter.

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