George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books may not be ideal targets for children's book adaptations. If anyone every figures out a way to make such a project work, however, Brazilian illustrator Irena Freitas could do a fine job of bringing the inhabitants of Westeros to life 12-and-under readers. Freitas' perky Game of Thrones art can be seen scattered among her Legend of Zelda and Hunger Games interpretations in her Flickr and Tumblr archives. Her vision for a Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy kids' book actually looks like something that could exist in the real world under the right circumstances. Moreover, it's quite a bit cheerier than her Samwell Tarley (poor guy).Have a look at Peter and Gwen, as well as Link, Korra, the Ghosts of Harrenhal and a few of our other favorites from her galleries below. You can almost feel her characters' eyes fluttering with cuteness.