Every kid experiences rough patches when, on some level, they wouldn't mind if their school burned down (not necessarily to hurt their peers or teachers, but to avoid going to class), but one Irish teen took that desire to the extreme by tapping into Heath Ledger's "The Dark Knight" anarchy and committing arson dressed as the Clown Prince of Crime. Kids today!

Irish Independent
reports 19-year-old Christopher Clancy pleaded guilty to arson, having cut through his former school's wire fence, smashing a glass door, dousing the building with 100 liters of gasoline and lighting it on fire back in May of 2009 - all while dressed as the Joker.

His reason? "Because it is run by hypocrites and I didn't like the way they treated my friends". And no, the school isn't called Arkham.

No one was hurt in the fire, but the school was shut down for five days with damages totaling around €1 million (roughly $1.3 million). Clancy hasn't been sentenced yet, but does plan on attending college this fall. Good look finding some classmates who just want to watch the world burn, dude! Maybe you can tell them how you got those scars.

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