Well, well, well -- look who's joining charter members Spider-Man and Batman in the Ridiculous Specialty Action Figure Costume Zone: It's our old pal, Iron Man! Yes, insane Iron Man experts, we've seen the Arctic Armor before in "Iron Man" #318, but if you want my expert opinion, arctic-themed costumes are a gateway to harder, more absurd costumes like "Desert Armor Iron Man" and "Swashbuckling Iron Man" -- but I digress.

has posted new images from Wave 3 of Hasbro's "Iron Man 2" Comic Series 3.75" action figures, which features some old familiar designs -- like based-on-the-comic Classic Iron Monger and what's being deemed as "Modern" Iron Man -- and, of course, the aforementioned Arctic Iron Man (which the eagle-eyed folks at Marvelousnews point out looks to be a repaint of "Modern" Iron Man).The line is set to hit shelves on August 25, and also includes re-issues of crowd-pleasers Hulkbuster Iron Man and Red & Gold Iron Man, as well as the movie-inspired Silver Centurion Iron Man, but we'll just have to wait and see what that one looks like. And if that's not enough to get your inner child excited, each figure also includes an action accessory and three armor cards.

If you're anything like me, you'll want to immediately add 'em to the rest of your Iron Man action figure collection, then throw them up into the air above you while singing, "It's Raining Iron Men! Hallelujah!" then uncontrollably cry yourself to sleep, wondering where everything went wrong...