Just because "Iron Man 2" is out in theaters (and number one at the box office to boot) doesn't mean that you've seen the last of "Iron Man 2" related merchandise. Luckily, most of these tie-ins are pretty glorious, assuming you're still feeling the "Iron Man 2" fever - like this new action figure of Scarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff, better known as the Black Widow.

Hot Toys continues the fine tradition of making eerily accurate action figures based on Hollywood's greatest hits with the new Black Widow toy. She stands at approximately 28 cm tall, boasts over 28 points of articulation, has interchangeable gloved hands and two pistols, among other features. Maybe the most instantly noticeable detail is the figure's rooted hair, not unlike a Barbie doll. Except that Widow would kick Barbie's ass and set her hair on fire, of course. She's kind of hardcore like that.

[Source: ToysREvil]