If you're anything like us, you've got one thing on your mind this week -- no, not San Diego Comic-Con, "Scott Pilgrim" Vol. 6 or "Inception," but rather if and when we'd be able to see the rest of the third wave of Iron Man 2 "Comic Series" action figures. Well, True Believers, get ready to be able to sleep at night again, because new images have finally hit the web!

We brought you a sneak peek at a few IM2CS action figures already (or have you already erased a certain snow-themed armor from you headspace?), but today -- with a tip o' the cap once again to Marvelousnews -- we're catching a glimpse at (most of) the rest of the line, specifically, the super-cool looking Silver Centurion and the...um...perfectly cromulent Ultimate Iron Man (which eagle eyed Marvelousnews commenters pegged as a repainted, patchwork figure from previous IM2 3.75" molds.

Marvelousnews also points out that a Whiplash variant (with yellow whips) will also be hitting toy store shelves in the not too distant future, but unfortunately, no images are available. Guess we spoke too soon about those cold, sleepless nights ending anytime soon. Our bad.