Yesterday Disney and IMAX debuted prolific comic book and commercial artist Jock's official Iron Man 3 poster. In addition to being just plain more Jock dopeness, it's part of IMAX's concluding "12:01" series, which is handed out to antsy fans hitting up midnight viewings. The poster's streaky design distills a key scene from IM3's second trailer, in which Tony Stark summons what seem to be all 42 of his specialized suits of armor to help he and buddy James Rhodes beat down some foes. This wasn't the only stab Jock took at the theme, though, as seen in the artist's gallery of unused designs. Most of the unused posters are variations on a similar layout, with the Mark 42 armor leading or flying alongside its robros, but one is all about Stark's signature arc reactor. Whether you're a process junkie or just want to see a ton of Iron Man armors, Jock's images are a feast for the eyes. You can see all ten of Jock's IM3 poster designs after the jump.

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Final Version

Unused Designs

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