Just as Robert Downey Jr.'s "Iron Man" saw a sequel this summer, it appears Nicktoons' animated quasi-tie-in "Iron Man: Armored Adventures" has followed suit with a second season on the horizon this fall. Just like the IM movie, "Armored Adventures" is going to be chock fulla' guest stars.

Marvel Animation and Method Animation will continue their CGI series through 26 all-new episodes set to begin in 2011.

Just as the first season expanded into a broader Marvel Universe, so too will IMAA season 2, featuring prominent appearances by Nick Fury, Whiplash, Doctor Doom and Magneto. There's no word on whether the Fantastic Four or X-Men will show up to aid the teen Tony Stark in his battles against Doom and Magnus, but it would seem like a prudent move.

Viewers following the Makluan Ring saga can also expect a resolution in season two, meaning the Mandarin may want to start thinking about alternative jewelry. We hear amulets are coming back in style.[Via Comics Continuum]