Marvel Comics sent out this teaser image for what's presumably a new storyline in Iron Man, the relaunched Marvel NOW series written by Kieron Gillen and currently drawn by Greg Land. Also illustrated by Land, the teaser suggests there are things Iron Man fans still don't know about Tony Stark's past despite the fact that he's appeared in comics continuously for 50 years, which will doubtlessly cause some consternation amongst the prodigious editors of the "Origin" section of Iron Man's Wikipedia entry. Seriously, though, I'd speculate that what we'll call "Secret Origin," which is to be drawn by Dale Eaglesham (Fantastic Four, Justice Society of America) will depict a younger, possibly teenage Tony Stark; something along the lines of Journey Into Mystery, Young Avengers and Phonogram, all youth oriented stories with which Gillen has demonstrated an uncommon aptitude.

The Greg Land image is actually pretty cute, especially little Tony'ss chromatically appropriate baby socks, and you can see it full-size below.

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