If you haven't heard about the Obama "birther" controversy, then congratulations, because it's colossally stupid: A fringe group of conservatives are insisting that President Obama was born abroad, is not a U.S. citizen and therefore cannot be president. It's a hard point to argue since Obama has publicly released his birth certificate, the state of Hawaii has authenticated it, and there are numerous birth announcements in local Hawaii newspapers that further verify it, but damned if the "birthers" aren't trying.

The "Heretical Ideas" blog has responded by putting its tongue firmly in cheek, and suggesting that perhaps those who believe Obama is a U.S. citizen simply "rely too heavily on the metaphysical premise that reality is perceivable and knowable." It's equally likely, for example, that our perceptions are being tampered with by Norse gods from popular comic books:

Another metaphysical possibility demonstrating that Obama is not a citizen is Norse Mythology. Prominent in Norse myth is the God Loki, who is a trickster god associated with fire and magic. Loki, like other gods, has enormous power over the universe. Indeed, in the Marvel Comics saga "Ultimates 2," it was revealed that Loki has the power to shuffle the very fabric of space and time itself, making things disappear from perception. Loki used these powers in the "Ultimates 2" saga to ensure that Thor was captured and imprisoned so that he could not interfere with Loki's conquest of Asgard.

Clearly, Loki could have used his powers to change the fabric of space-time in order to make it appear that Obama was born in Hawaii when he, in fact, wasn't.