Activision's sequel to shooter classic "Wolfenstein 3D," may not arrive in stores until August, but those interested in the game's narrative can check out a new motion comic that provides some background to the franchise.

Between stabbings and neck-snappings, the motion comic sums up the original "Wolfenstein 3D" with some updated images sans all of the word balloons, captions and animated sound effects found in many other motion comics. So, devoid of defined comic book source material or traditional comic book storytelling devices, what exactly makes this motion comic a motion comic? Check it out after the jump.

The animation is stylish and rooted in stills, so technically this video feels like a motion comic. Still, why not just call this video an animated preview? Is it simply to attract comic book fans?

Like all art, it's ultimately up to the artists (or marketers) make that distinction. For now, since it looks great and delivers a satisfying ending, the amorphous definition of what constitutes a true "motion comic" will just have to wait until people get tired of watching Cyborg Hitler die.