I've gotta start going out to party in Florida.

Get this: On April 24th, 2007, Dr. Raymond Adamcik was arrested for allegedly groping two different women. Pretty standard episode of Cops right? Well, according to thesmokinggun.com, Dr. Adamcik was dressed like Captain America ... and had a burrito stuffed in his tights.

Mug shot of Dr. Raymond Adamcik dressed as Captain America from thesmokinggun.com

Apparently, our man Adamcik was part of a pub crawl in Melbourne, Florida that had encouraged participants to wear costumes. But here's the strange part – once the police were called to the scene they discovered that there were so many different patrons dressed like Captain America that they had to march them all outside for a line-up. They then arrested Captain Adamcik, who in turn got caught trying to flush drugs down the toilet at the station.

So I'm left with the following questions:

- What the hell kind of doctor was this guy?

- What kind of place is Melbourne, FL. that they have a huge pub crawl and tons of guys turn up dressed like Captain America? At first I misread the piece and thought it was Melbourne, Australia, which really confused me on the Captain America thing ... but still.

- Where did he get the burrito from and why was it in his pants when he already had his drugs stashed there? Also, does this place make good burritos? Because it's even worse if a quality burrito went to waste.

- Is this Captain America's legacy? Drunk guys with burritos and drugs in their pants molesting women in bars? I guess it would be too much to ask that we remember our fallen hero with good deeds and maybe a sanctioned shield-toss.

- Again, what the hell kind of doctor is this guy? Whatever kind of medicine he practices certainly affords him a good costume. Check out The Smoking Gun's video of him being booked.

I guess I know where I'm going for spring break next year. Gotta get my Spidey costume packed and scope out that burrito place.

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