With the world all a twitter regarding J.K. Rowling's interesting aside about the sexual preference of Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore during a recent Q&A at Carnegie Hall, some folks are taking the news a bit too seriously. For instance, Fox Noise Channel's Bill O'Reilly claims it's all about promoting "a gay agenda," whatever straw dog that is...

With tongue-planted-firmly-in-cheek, the culture mavens who edited New York Magazine's Vulture blog may have put the "fictional character is gay" thing to rest for good, with their funny list of Ten Other Fictional Characters Whose Outings Won't Shock Us That Much. And, I'm happy to report that their names will be familiar to most of you, including a pair of characters from the wonderful world of cartooning.

By the way, their choice for the superhero is strictly based on his costume, so if you use the Filed Under line below the headline as a guide, you'll probably guess who he is before you hit the link. Less obvious and far funnier is the other cartoon character "outed" on the New York list. Somehow, I don't think the cartoonist or his family are all that worried about it at the moment.

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