Given the relatively limited amount of story unveiled thus far in Dark Horse's "Umbrella Academy," it's a real testament to the strength of the book that fans of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba's series are so wildly into it. I thought it was bizarre at first, especially when I saw a flock of White Violins at San Diego Comic-Con last summer. But after reading "Apocalypse Suite" and subsequently devouring "Dallas," I completely understand the infatuation. I'm not gonna strap on a giant gorilla suit or anything, but I understand it.

What I would consider doing, however, is purchasing the Umbrella Academy Pocket Watch and Statue Set. For one, it features a 5.5" statuette of 00.05, alias The Boy, my favorite character from the series. Secondly, I sometimes wonder how different my life would be if I walked around with a pocket watch all the time. This would satisfy that curiosity.

Then again, priced at $129.99, I'm not sure that I'm enough of an "Umbrella Academy" fan to justify the purchase. And this isn't something to dilly dally on either, as there are only 500 editions available, each numbered and packaged with a certificate of authenticity. I'll probably end up passing on this in the end, but if you're big into "Umbrella Academy," you should start saving those pennies.

[Link via Comic Book Resources]