DC begins re-imagining its universe this Wednesday with wave one of its new 52 first issues. While they've been tweaking pants and origins, however, artist Ivan Camelo has been reworking a handful of the DCU's most recognizable faces to make them a little glossier, a smidgen more Tiny Titans-like and utterly adorable.Camelo's vast gallery of shiny, smiley characters can be found on deviantART. He's done Amazo, Solomon Grundy, Wonder Woman and numerous other heroes and villains.

His Darkseid and Lobo both look ready to throw (and take) some punches, and that's a fight that Camelo should draw if he ever takes a notion.

The Flash may have the coolest extra feature of all, though. That's obviously supposed to be smoke behind him, but if there's an alternate Earth out there where DC's most prominent speedster is perpetually trailed by a bunch of bubbles (check it out, the smoke looks like bubbles), someone should write that story.

[Via Geek-Art]