Ahead of The Boys’ Season 4 premiere later this week, series creator and showrunner Eric Kripke has revealed the news fans were not hoping to hear: The hit Prime Video show will come to an end following its upcoming fifth season.

“#TheBoys Season 4 Premiere Week is a good time to announce: Season 5 will be the FInal Season!” Kripke wrote, adding it was “always” his plan for the show.

“I just had to be cagey till I got the final OK from Vought,” Kripke continued. “Thrilled to bring the story to a gory, epic, moist climax. Watch Season 4 in 2 DAYS, cause the end has begun!”

He also included the final (heavily redacted) page of the script from Season 4’s final episode, titled “Assassination Run.” Just about the only other thing visible is the last line, which reads: “SEE YOU FOR OUR FINAL SEASON, MOTHER F—ERS!”

A dark satire of superheroes, politics, and popular culture based on a hit indie comic series of the same name, The Boys debuted in the summer of 2019 and quickly became one of Amazon’s biggest streaming series. It’s already sparked two spinoffs on Prime Video, the college-set Gen V and an animated series called Diabolical. 

The Boys - Episode 302 - “The Only Man In The Sky”
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Assuming the final season has the same number of episodes as the previous four seasons, The Boys will conclude after 40 total installments. The original The Boys comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson ran for 72 issues, although it did then have additional spinoff series.

Season 4 of The Boys debuts on June 13, with a three-episode premiere. The remaining five episodes premiere weekly on Prime Video through July 18.

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