J. Bone is a real artistic power tool, which is why DC Comics has put him to work on books like Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Super Friends. His style lends itself to bright, kid-friendly designs with a classic feel to them. He definitely knows how to pull off a vintage Darwin Cooke-looking twinkle, but at the same time he always makes his characters look fresh.
To see J. Bone in action and understand his process, look no further than his Blah, Blah, Blog! He shares his art at various stages there, whether it's published or purely for practice.

And whew! He draws circles around some Star Trek characters when he puts his mind to it, too. He's got an Uhura and an Orion slave girl in there that beg for a back-up story at some point in an IDW book. Hopefully they have his number on file and can make that happen.

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