Andertoons proprietor and cartoonist Mark Anderson unearthed something more than a little awesome: a licensed Superman card game based on artwork created by Jack Kirby. Produced all the way back in 1971, the game takes the form of four Superman illustrations by Kirby that are sliced up into puzzle pieces that must be combined to form the complete picture, kind of like a jigsaw. Presumably the artwork was created by Kirby especially for the game, making this quite a find indeed. Unfortunately, one needs a Mother Box to translate the strangely complicated rules.Seriously, we have been reading these cards again and again and asking each other what they mean, but all that comes out of our mouths is, "Spluh...?"

It's best that we just take these unknowable commands as further testament to the genius and ahead-of-his-timeness of Jack Kirby, with the hope that future generations of comics bloggers will send help back through time. For now, let's enjoy this lovely Jack Kirby artwork.

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