I mostly spent my college days reading issues of Hawkman in the back of a biology classroom, and while that worked out pretty well for me in the long run, I think we can all agree that I could've spent that time more productively. Never has that been more apparent than today, when USA Today reported on Philadelphia University student Jackson Gordon, who has been whiling away his free time by building an actual, honest-to-Gotham Batsuit.

Gordon, who has somehow not gone all-out and changed his first name to "Commissioner," finished the suit last week after raising a thousand dollars on Kickstarter to fund it, ending up with a suit that could resist both the impact of a punch and also being stabbed with a knife, which we know because there is literally a video of his friends attempting to punch and stab him in his dorm room. And yes, it is amazing.



The finished suit is pretty awesome, clocking in at 25 pounds, and while it was designed with functionality in mind --- Gordon also has a black belt in Kung Fu and designed the suit so that he could kick any murderous clowns or puzzle crooks he encounters in the face --- he's mostly used it so far for cosplay purposes. The USA Today article is quick to point out, however, that his cosplay purposes include inviting con-goers to take a swing at his chest.

Personally, if I were Gordon, I'd keep an eye on any eccentric billionaires who want to purchase his design for their Applied Sciences division.

For more, including a gallery of Gordon in action, head over to his Facebook page.

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