If there's one universal truth that holds the fabric of reality itself together, it's that Batman is awesome, and by copying him, you can become awesome by extension.

We've already swooned over "The Dark Knight" fan go-kart, but now there's something far less labor-intensive on the way for those who would follow in the Caped Crusader's fashionable footsteps - a scary accurate Batman motorcycle suit from Universal Designs.The suit comes sans cape and cowl, so it's not the ultimate solution to easy cosplay, plus it's limited to 1,000 pieces with a nearly $1K price tag to match, meaning only the Bruce Waynes among us will likely shell out the necessary moolah to pull this look off.

Still, a grand is hardly a huge price to pay for looking a fraction as tough as Christian Bale (mimic his gravelly Bat shout and you're almost him!). Plus, as we mentioned earlier today, this suit would probably look great with a New Era Batman Cap..well...maybe.

Universal Designs, if you need a skinny model to help prove the life-enhancing effects of this suit, you know where to find me.

[Via Robot6]

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