The Legend of Zelda and the Star Wars-verse are packed with symbols and meaning, which makes it all the easier for artist Jacob McAlister to pack in cleanly designed tributes to some of his favorite characters. In some cases, he even mashes them up, as is the case with his Darth Vader Sinatra concept.McAlister's full arsenal of original and fan work hangs out on his Try the Monkey blog, as well as on Etsy, where you can buy prints. His muses include Marvel Comics, Indiana Jones and Grand Moff Tarkin. (And who can blame him on that last one?)

McAlister is brilliant at pulling out simple shapes and paring down scenes into crisp, colorful posters. He even tries to single-handedly bring balance to The Force in his depiction of Lord Vader standing back-to-back with himself.

Uncover the meaning and enjoy a few of our favorite pulls from McAlister's stash below.

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