You know what's a great way to wake up? Getting out of bed, making a cup of coffee, and sitting down to find out that Jake Wyatt has a new fantasy webcomic about a young girl's quest for revenge against anyone and everyone. Short of rolling over to find out that you have literally been sleeping on a pile of hundred dollar bills, it might actually be the best way to start your morning --- and this way, there's significantly less risk of papercuts.

The comic is called Necropolis, and even though it's only a few pages in, it's already amazing, with gorgeous art and story that feels familiar, but is being told in a beautifully expert way.


Necropolis, Jake Wyatt


As far as the story goes, it would probably take less time for you to head over to Wyatt's Necropolis Tumblr and catch up yourself, which you absolutely need to do, if only because the gorgeous art is what really pulls everything together. The basics, though, are that we're following an as-yet-unnamed girl who has the standard fantasy origin of seeing one of her parents get killed and having her home burned to the ground, and then sets out to find power by making one of the most ominous deals I've seen in quite a while.

The art is beautiful and breathtaking, and there's more than a hint of Charles Vess to it in Wyatt's muted colors and storybook layouts. Even though the story is only getting started, they make all those familiar elements feel fresh, like they could end up going anywhere and doing anything.

According to the comic's "About" page, there's already a print version planned from Image, but that's probably a long way off. In the meantime, you can catch up with the prologue and the first few pages right now.

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