Jake Wyatt's art is, from the very first glance, transporting. He can creating scenes so detailed and lush that you could imagine them playing out before your very eyes. That's why his skills lend themselves so well to his short film, METRO, which takes a young girl to the secret world between the metro station and the surface. It also lends a cinematic quality to his comics, so that each scene feels like it takes place within a fully realized universe. Sometimes, though, Wyatt plays instead with individual characters and character designs, from dashed off comics of Charles Xavier as Charlie Brown to X-student fashion plates to pinups of the Spera princesses and Sailor V.
Wyatt is handling art duties on the latest iteration of B. Clay Moore's Hawaiian Dick from Image Comics, and he contributed a pinup to the second volume of Spera and a comic about Theseus and the Minotaur for The Anthology Project, Volume Two. But perhaps his most impressive calling card is the short film METRO, which just finished its lap on the festival circuit, and can now be seen below:

In addition to preview pages from his comics, Wyatt regularly posts fanart on his blog, Life on Paper. Particularly inspired are his X-Men illustrations, in which he imagines that Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters was a proper Northeastern prep school, with proper prep school outfits and proper prep school rugby. He also posted a couple of X-Men/Peanuts mashups, the first of which he deems "Probably in poor taste." It's okay; you're still a good man, Charlie X.