In news that only solidifies the idea that comics are the greatest medium of all time, IDW is planning to publish a series that in just three words renders all other stories forever meaningless. Those three words?

Godzilla. In. Hell.

This five-issue miniseries sees the return to the big lizard of writer/artist James Stokoe, whose 2012 miniseries Godzilla: The Half Century War brought a new sense of grandeur to the concept of "a giant lizard who destroys the known world." Stokoe will tackle the first issue of this new story, while subsequent issues will bring in a whole bunch of unexpected writers and artists to take charge of everybody's favorite monster. Bob Eggleton and Dave Wachter will be the team for the second instalment, while Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas and Brandon Seifert are all confirmed for subsequent issues.

The concept of the miniseries is as simple as the title, but it promises some completely bizarre (and therefore hugely promising) storytelling. Banished into Hell as the story starts, Godzilla has to fight against some of the most deranged and hideous monsters in the whole of creation while trying to seek out answers as to to who sent him there in the first place.

This is a premise that not only invites us to bear witness to James Stokoe's renderings of the denizens of Hell, which is already the most exciting sentence I've ever written, but also offers us that strangest of phenomena; Godzilla solving a supernatural mystery. 

IDW have truly come up with a winner, here. A five-issue miniseries, issue #1 is set for release in July.

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