In what will surely be one of the last major WTF moments of the year in comics, Orc Stain and Wonton Soup creator James Stokoe has released for free on his website a startling 100+ pages of fully written, drawn and colored pages of an unreleased comic book he's had sitting on his hard drive for a couple of years. Enticingly called Murderbullets, the completed pages make up only the prologue chapter, with five more installments to come.

Click after the jump for more information on Murderbullets, including some preview pages and a massive and glorious poster that may itself be the best thing Stokoe has ever done.

Asked by an anthology editor for "the last comic you would ever draw," Stokoe set out to create what would become Murderbullets, which at the time amounted to, in the author's words, "eight pages of a cracked out character drawing a book in a post apocalyptic wasteland that would grant him entry into the afterlife. Also for some reason a moose was chained to his toilet."

Naturally, it took Stokoe quite a lot of world-building to justify this impressively insane imagery (one that involves time traveling mutants and cybernetic dolphin street gangs) and Murderbullets evolved beyond its original anthology length. Astonishingly, 100 pages were created before the artist became preoccupied with his Image Comics series Orc Stain.

So now it sits idly on my hard drive, gathering e-dust. I don't think I would be a decent human being if I released this prologue in print without finishing the rest of the book, but the magic of free internet lets me share it with you now.

If you like the few pages we're previewing below, please visit James Stokoe's site to read the nearly 100 more for free.

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