After facing off against the Lizard in Marc Webb's first Amazing Spider-Man, looks like Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker will have to deal with another classic Steve Ditko creation in the follow-up, with increasing rumors flying around that Jamie Foxx will take on the role of Electro for the 2014 sequel.Following a report in Variety that linked the Oscar-winning actor to the role yesterday, he added fuel to the fire by posting the message "Dressed up as Electro for Halloween last night. Costume fit well" on Twitter hours later. Asked about the possibility by the Huffington Post, director Marc Webb hedged his bets, saying "I can't go into it in too much detail, except to say that I think Jamie Foxx is one of our great living actors," adding that "I think he's done some pretty exceptional work."

If he gets the role, Foxx will accidentally take on a role normally left to DC Comics characters: Black men with electricity powers. After all, Marvel's Electro is white, as are the publisher's Living Lightning, Thor and Aftershock. DC, though, has not only Static (of Static Shock and Teen Titans fame), but also Black Lightning (revived last month in DC Universe Presents) and Black Vulcan of the Super Friends. To be fair, DC also has the white Lightning Lad, while Marvel has Storm, but still; if Foxx signs on as Electro, he'll be breaking new ground in a small, entirely suspect way.

Personally, I'm still holding out for him to do Ray 2: Ray Charles in The Afterlife, but I suspect that gets a little less likely by the day.

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