Marvel and TinyCo's hit mobile game Avengers Academy has charmed fans with its fun and breezy approach to familiar characters and addictive gameplay. Recently the game finished the first act of its Spider-Man special event, which introduced Spider-Ham, Black Cat, Mary Jane Watson, The Lizard, Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin to the game, and today it's launching Act 2, which promises to be bigger and better.

In an interview with, Allen Warner of TinyCo has dished a ton of details about the new event including new recruitable heroes and villains that will appear. The story of the second act will revolve on Venom and Carnage, leading an army of symbiotes against New York City as revenge for the experiments Norman Osborn conducted before his downfall.




To combat the symbiote invasion of New York, two new fan-favorite spider-themed characters will be available from the beginning of Act 2: Spider-Gwen and Spider-Man 2099, but Warner teases there's one other spider-recruit lined up for later in the story, and the smart money is on Miles Morales to be that surprise character.

In addition to symbiotes and spider-people, The Sinister Six is in disarray following the events of the first act, with The Lizard, Doctor Octopus and Green Goblin electing to join the Avengers Academy. So far, we know that Mysterio and Electro will be showing up early in the new event, and later down the line another surprise character will make their presence known to lead a new heroic Sinister Six.




In terms of gameplay, the second act does look to be worryingly similar to the first, which drew a lot of criticism for making players jump through hoops to obtain the necessary items needed to battle bosses and recruit heroes. Horizon Labs is said to feature as a place where player can craft supplies to combat the symbiotes, which seems very similar to the various production stages found in Act 1.

In the interview, Warner attempts to allay fans' concerns about the overabundance of events --- and the lack of a certain eagle-eyed archer. Warner promises that Hawkeye is indeed joining the Academy, though he can't confirm when.

The second act of Avengers Academy's Spider-Man special event is due to start some time today, although no exact timeframe has been given.




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