Jamie Roberts not only renders ultra-clean vector images of Ghost Rider, Cyclops and Captain America; he riffs on formats and styles and churns out series in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Whether his works are put together like propaganda posters, movie posters, portraits or simple egg-shaped midget variations of popular comic book characters, they always have energy, and his use of basic lines and forms should make a lot of artists question how efficiently they're using their pencils.
Roberts' blog and deviantART account, where he goes by the name "Jam-Wah," showcase a vast array of approaches by the British-based artist, and whether he's doing Wolverine confronting Sabretooth in the snow or a headshot of Spider Jerusalem, you can't help getting caught up in the emotions and actions he's able to evoke with only a few pieces.

His egghead Thor coming down from the sky in a thunderstorm rains down a particularly pungent dose of awesome, but if you scroll below, you'll see plenty of other examples ready to shock your art nerves.

[Via Geek-Art]

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