Hold on to your diapers, The Dark Knight fans, a new doll from Japan may just teach us how Heath Ledger's Joker character got those scars. New preorder images of Japanese toymaker WorldBox's "1/6 Lakor Baby Single" doll indicate that perhaps the Joker may have been a handsome little agent of chaos from the time he could walk/fire automatic weapons... at least, as much as a completely unofficial Dark Knight product can indicate those things. The doll's appearance is strikingly similar to that of Joker's gang from the opening scene of TDK, which explains why the unmasked version doesn't come with a knife, explosives or a pencil -- Joker's cimematic weapons of choice.Here's a rundown of everything 11,800 Yen (around $152 USD) will get fans of fake lil' Joker when preordered from AmiAmi:

Make-up head x 1

Doll Head x 1

Baby Body x 1

Cloth Suit x 1

White Plaid Shirt x 1

Underwear x 2

Clown mask x 1

Foundation Brush x 1

Lipstick x 1

Wood Texture G18 x 1

Wood Texture Submachine Gun x 1

Shoulder Bag x 1

Personally, I'm glad to see this toy comes with two pairs of undies. It'd be unseemly not to have anything to change it into after making a hilarious doo-doo during an interrogation by baby Batman. You see, dirtying a diaper is like gravity. All it takes is... Okay, okay, I'm sorry I went there. See more images of the horrifying Joker-like baby figure below:

[Via Tomopop]