You know what's weird about the Joker? I mean, yes, there are a lot of things that are weird about the Joker that are kind of inherent in the fact that he's a murderous clown who primarily exists to fight against a millionaire who dresses like Dracula and drives a rocket car. Beyond that, though, there's one thing that always sticks out: That dude is obsessed with his own head.

He has a cane where the handle is shaped like his own head, he once lived in a house that was shaped like his own head, he used to drive a car that was shaped like his own head, and his most well-known criminal plot involves making fish look like... well, you get the idea. Even when you stack that up against Batman, whose branding is always 100% on point, that's pretty extreme. And yet, you rarely see that reflected in his associated merchandise.

Now, though, thanks to the folks at Tweterhead, we finally have something to reflect that. When their Classic Joker maquette arrives for pre-order on Oct. 31, it's bringing a handful of Joker-head accessories with it. Check out a few shots below!



The Batman Classic Collection: Joker maquette was revealed on Tweeterhead's Facebook page as the sixth entry in Tweeterhead's line of Golden Age Batman maquettes, including Batman, Robin, Batwoman, the Penguin, and Two-Face. In that respect, it's a little surprising that they waited this long to do the Joker, but the wait certainly led to a solid design.

At this time, there are no further details on price, but judging by the past entries in the line, it's safe to assume that it'll clock in somewhere around $225.